Digital Essentials for Organizations Focused on Domestic Violence

We want to make it easier for you to get your organization’s needs met — quickly and securely.

Our Commitment to Better Serving Organizations Focused on Domestic Violence

Working in collaboration with organizations like yours, we’re developing content, providing technology services, and offering opportunities to build skills and connect with others. Our aim is to drive down the cost of acquiring technology and increase the speed with which you can deploy these solutions in order to address the critical challenges your organizations face.


Focused Content

Learn about effective communications strategies, zero knowledge encryption, stretching your technology dollar with TechSoup, reaching your supporters with social media, and more.


Offers and Bundles

Cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365 can enable your staff to work better together and make a greater impact. We’re bundling products, digital skills training, and services to help transform the way you deliver your services.

Connect with Your Peers

We facilitate opportunities to access experts and learn from the experiences of your peers via online and offline events. Ask specific questions, talk about technology challenges, and share your own successes during our routine events.

Technology Services

We designed the Safe Shelter Collaborative with organizations like yours to help find shelter faster for survivors and to help fund shelter when it is unavailable. Attend a monthly orientation to learn more. Membership is free to qualified US-based organizations.

Join the conversation: share the technology solutions and skills you need to succeed. #SolveDVTech.

We know that organizations focused on domestic violence face unique challenges around technology, security, and effective communications. Take this moment to help us design solutions to best fit your needs.