NGO Recovery Fund

The TechSoup COVID-19 NGO Recovery Fund provides eligible NGOs with up to US$2,000 in micro-grants to reimburse expenditures on specific technology solutions available through TechSoup.


How This Works

  1. If you’re not already a TechSoup member, join TechSoup (it's free!). After your organization is validated by TechSoup, you will be able to apply for this COVID Recovery Fund grant, in addition to taking advantage of all the other wonderful benefits of being a TechSoup member. Please note that validation can take up to seven business days.
  2. Confirm your NGO's eligibility through a short application process. You will receive an email confirmation of your eligibility to participate.
  3. Once you receive your eligibility email, select and pay for available software, technical services, and training resources.
  4. Complete the post-sale documentation that is required for your NGO to receive its micro-grant reimbursement.

Who Is Eligible for a Micro-Grant?

The offers listed are available to TechSoup members who are small and medium-sized NGOs that carry out direct human services and support work. They are also available to NGOs that respond to meet the increased needs of their communities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that scale their programs to address these needs. Specifically. organizations must

  • Become a TechSoup member (join here)
  • Have an operating budget of US$2,500,000 or less
  • Provide food, economic or healthcare support, or dependent care services

NGOs must also be eligible for each of the specific nonprofit product programs they apply for. These eligibility criteria are defined by our corporate partners for their specific product programs. TechSoup will also review these criteria during the application process.

What Offers Are Available for Micro-Grants ?

Currently, the initiative focuses on offers that provide the critical infrastructure to maintain the operations of an organization. The solutions below are currently available as a part of the NGO Recovery Fund:

Over time, we hope to expand access to other tools and services through this fund. Please see our FAQ for more details.


  • We want to serve as many organizations as possible. Please get the technology you need, but not more than you need. Recipients will have 90 days from the date of approval to make their reimbursement request.
  • After you apply, you will receive an email from If you did not receive an email from this address, please check your spam folders and be sure to whitelist “” Read all about how to whitelist an email here.

Ready to apply?

If you meet the criteria above, reviewed the FAQ below and are interested in receiving a micro-grant, please apply here.

Thank You to Our Funders

The TechSoup COVID-19 NGO Recovery Fund was made possible by the generous contributions of our partners.

  • AWS
  • Box
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • DocuSign
  • Facebook
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Packard Foundation
  • Truist Foundation
  • Vanguard Charitable


Which organizations are eligible?

We acknowledge that all nonprofits have been impacted by the pandemic. However, TechSoup and the supporters of this initiative focus this effort on organizations that deliver direct human support services. As more funding becomes available, we will continue to review the needs of the sector with our funding partners.

How does this initiative provide resources to NGOs?

TechSoup will reimburse NGOs for the first-year costs of the selected  programs up to the total cap. While the cap is $2,000, we ask that, in the spirit of getting through this together, you only apply for  what you need.

How will I know if I was selected to receive resources through the fund?

Once you have placed your request online, TechSoup will make a final eligibility determination and then contact you via email to discuss next steps. You will hear from us via email within five business days.

What happens if I want to request other products that are not included in the initiative?

All products in the regular TechSoup catalog are still available to NGOs. However, only the products listed on this page are eligible for support from this fund. We are unable to include additional products or services at this time, due to the very focused nature of this initiative.

What if I have already requested one of these products?

This fund only covers new requests for the products and offers included above. We cannot process refunds or credits for products and offers that have been previously requested by the NGO.