Do more good, together.

Quad is where nonprofits go to get answers.

We know the massive effort it takes to keep your organization running — from managing volunteers and schedules to communicating with funders and donors, all while keeping your digital data secure.

It's never easy, but you're not alone.

Quad is a new way to access all the benefits that TechSoup has always offered nonprofits… plus even more. Quad members get access to our peer-to-peer community, where nonprofit organizations connect with tech experts, raise questions, and join curated events aimed at supporting the needs you have. Quad members also get access to waived and reduced admin fees on products and courses in the TechSoup Boost catalog, as well as unique promotions and offers. 

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How will Quad help my organization?


Expert advice and connections

Unique member content, including reports, how-to guides, and product comparisons

Dedicated community space where you can join others who have the same challenges, find answers, and share your knowledge

Events with experts who'll share insights and answer your questions

Access to select TechSoup courses made for nonprofits to help you navigate technologies and trends that are shaping your world


At your service as you serve others

Personal needs assessment where you can tell us how we can best help you and you can make sure you’re getting the most from your membership

Dedicated member support over phone, chat, or email

Waived and reduced admin fees for products and services available in the TechSoup Boost catalog, which features special offers and a select collection of the products and courses we've learned to be essential for nonprofits*

TechSoup voucher for $25 off a future TechSoup request, good for use within the next year.**

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Access a community of changemakers sharing knowledge, resources, and tools to do more good together.

*There may be a maximum number of licenses per product, and other conditions may apply; see the Boost catalog for further details. **Voucher is not valid for use on products discounted by TechSoup Boost or on shipping fees.