Do more good, together.

Introducing Quad — a community of people who are addressing the globe's most pressing issues — powered by the TechSoup Global Network and you!

Around the world, organizations like yours are providing valuable services like preparing meals and running community food banks. You are there, day in and day out, for your fellow community members. And we want to help you. We’ve spent the last year learning from you — learning the ways you get the food you distribute, work with volunteers, and report back to your board and donors, among so many other things. Based on that, we are building this community of people from all sectors and all over the world to come together, with a bias towards action, so that we can apply what we — collectively — know about digital solutions to the issues you face.

This is the first step in launching Quad, a peer-to-peer community. We are starting with those groups — no matter their mission statement — that are providing meals and food in their communities. We want to help you as you make sure people in your community do not go hungry.

How will Quad help my organization?


Connections and content

Dedicated community space where you can join others who have the same challenges, find answers, and share your knowledge

Curated knowledge base featuring an array of resources, templates, and solutions

Unique member content, including reports, how-to guides, and product comparisons

Events with experts who'll share insights and answer your questions


At your service as you serve others

Personal needs assessment where you can tell us how we can best help you and you can make sure you’re getting the most from your membership

Dedicated member support over phone, chat, or email

Reduced admin fees for products and services available in the TechSoup catalog*

Unlimited access to the entire TechSoup Courses catalog to help you navigate technologies and trends that are shaping your world

Ready to start connecting?

Be a part of the peer-to-peer community that will take your impact to the next level.


Over time, we will be growing Quad to address more issues — providing more resources for more groups. If you would like to know what we are up to next, contact us here.

*Some products have costs we need to pay directly to providers. In those cases, product and services will only include these costs and no additional administrative fee.