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Important Changes to the Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechSoup

From Rebecca Masisak, CEO, TechSoup

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Today we're sharing news from Microsoft and an update on planned changes to its program on TechSoup:

  • A blog post from Microsoft's Tech for Social Impact group recently laid out improvements and changes to Microsoft's nonprofit offers and donation model, and
  • Some of these changes will impact the current Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechSoup, and may be of interest to your nonprofit or library. 

The recent blog post from Microsoft Philanthropies' Tech for Social Impact group shares Microsoft's vision and commitment to ensuring that nonprofits, and those they serve, are not left behind as technology advancements accelerate. 

Microsoft's longstanding software donation program on TechSoup is evidence of its commitment to the sector. TechSoup staff members are engaging with Microsoft and more than 100 other technology providers to expand the ways we support access to technology solutions and services for nonprofits and libraries to help ensure you have effective and affordable technology to deliver your mission.

We've summarized below the Microsoft changes announced in its blog post that may influence your TechSoup experience. Please take a few minutes to review, so that you can plan effectively for your technology needs.

We are interested in your feedback and questions and wish to support you well during this transition — please use the form on the right to let us know what you think.

How will the current Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechSoup change on April 1?

  • Product Selection: Microsoft is optimizing its "on-premises" product donations to meet the needs of smaller organizations. Standard versions of all Microsoft on-premises products will continue to be available as donations to eligible nonprofits and libraries through TechSoup. Premium versions of Microsoft on-premises products will no longer be available as donated offers on TechSoup, but they will be available with the same eligibility at a nonprofit discount. There are no changes to donated cloud offers available from Microsoft.

  • Choice Across All Donated Products on TechSoup: Starting April 1, you can now choose among any Microsoft donated products for your licensing without being limited by 10 title groups.

  • Program Rules and Eligibility Stay the Same: Microsoft eligibility for donated offers through TechSoup remains the same. These same eligibility rules are standardized across any source of Microsoft nonprofit discounts. Donated license limits available over a two-year cycle remain the same through TechSoup.

  • Assistance Learning About and Accessing Options:  Microsoft's improvements and changes offer nonprofits a range of donations, discounts, and licensing options. TechSoup is committed to helping you understand the best options for your needs — whether donated or discounted, on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid. Where possible, we will provide direct access in one easy place.

  • New and Noteworthy at microsoft.com/nonprofits: In case you missed it in the blog post by Microsoft, TechSoup is calling out these exciting new direct offers for nonprofits you can get from Microsoft: an Office 365 volunteer SKU, an expansion of Microsoft Office 365 with E3 and E5 offers, and Microsoft Surface availability to 10 new markets.

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