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Is The Cloud Safe? Ensuring Security on the Cloud

Thursday, October 25
11 AM Pacific Time

When switching to the cloud, many nonprofits wonder how cloud apps and services, such as Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Amazon Web Services, will affect their organization's security. Cloud apps and software offer a multitude of benefits to nonprofits when it comes to keeping their devices and data safe. In this 60-minute webinar hosted by Deena Thomchick, senior director of cloud security at Symantec, we will cover the many security benefits of switching to the cloud. You will learn 

  • Benefits of adopting cloud apps and services
  • What you are responsible for and what your cloud provider is responsible for when it comes to security
  • Risks to look out for when using cloud apps and services
  • How to mitigate risks with security best practices for email, endpoints (including laptops and mobile devices), content, and users

thomchick photo faceDeena Thomchick, Senior Director of Cloud Security, Symantec 

Deena Thomchick is Senior Director of Cloud Security at Symantec. She’s spent more than 25 years in technology with a particular focus on security. Her background includes work on encryption, advanced threat protection, network security and endpoint security. She’s a regular security and technology evangelist.