Support the Civil Society Security Strengthening Initiative

Build the resilience of civil society to respond to emerging needs and challenges.

Civil society needs to be secure to support the tremendous need in Eastern Europe. Together, we must build a more secure civil society.

The Russian Federation's aggression in Ukraine has caused a massive upheaval in Central and Eastern Europe. Already existing propaganda and disinformation campaigns have been accelerated. Together with cyberattacks and other digital incursions, this makes everyone more vulnerable — especially civil society organizations and frontline activists working in the area of human rights, democracy, free media, and helping refugees. 

We can directly support the increased security of civil society organizations through appropriate tools and training, which includes providing skills to counter disinformation.

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You can help civil society organizations in the region.

The Civil Society Security Strengthening Initiative will directly support the security and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and individual activists in Central and Eastern Europe. Funds raised through this initiative will help in the following ways: 

  • Awareness Building
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Solutions

Specifically, we will directly support NGOs with the cybersecurity resources and skill-building they need to stay safe and secure online. We will also build the mental resilience of civic actors who face constant attacks and pressure, focusing on self-care, well-being, and the ongoing effects of war.

We will provide enhanced media literacy skills to counter the spread of disinformation in communities. In the future, we will look to support the development of digital activism skills for advocacy and mobilizing widespread support for a cause (this includes online campaigning and building positive narratives). 

These activities complement our ongoing provision of essential technology needs to the wider sector. Together, and now more than ever, we must support the evolution of a more secure and resilient civil society. 

Does your corporation want to give to support the security of civil society in Eastern Europe?
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